Friday 15 February 2013

A Simple Guide on How to be a Super Hero

Monkey D. Luffy may not like the idea of
 being a hero but he is definitely one.
Who would not want to be as strong as Superman or as fast as The Flash? Being a superhero is a common childhood fantasy but majority of us fail to consider that it’s possible to make it real. It’s not as hard like most of us think. You don’t need a fancy superhero costume or super powers. I know curiosity is starting to lurk into your minds so simply read further and discover the easiest steps on How to be a Superhero.

 Your main weapon is courage. Regardless how serious a situation may be, you can gain composure and provide room to come up with a reasonable solution through bravery. Never let fear get into you.  A simple act of kindness can be regarded as heroism. Help out with household responsibilities during weekends and spend some time to help your younger siblings on their school assignments. With these simple gestures of love, you can become your family’s very own superhero. Protect your classmates against bullies and help your teacher in any way possible to be a superhero at school. These may be simple acts of heroism yet they can introduce astonishing changes so try them out!

Thursday 13 December 2012

What is the best Sports Anime Series?

Shohoku Team: The Star of Slam Dunk

Interesting anime series are introduced every now and then. They come with different settings, characters, and mood. While others love fantasy anime series which involve ninjas, dragons, and other ancient beasts, a huge group of anime fans still prefer a much realistic subject like sports. Have you ever wondered what the best sports anime is? Why are anime series related to famous sports warmly welcomed by billions of anime fans across the globe? Is there a magic behind this weird phenomenon?

It’s not really surprising why majority anime fans prefer anime series related to sports. These anime shows usually involve a team of protagonist who will start out weak in a certain sport and end up one of the best through hard work and dedication. The values you can get from most sports-related anime series made them worth watching especially among kids who are into any kind of sport in real life. Among hundreds of sports anime series, Slam Dunk, tops all of them in several areas. First, this anime series is very humorous. No anime fan can watch an episode of Slam Dunk without smiling. Second, it focuses on a team’s effort to win a basketball tournament and doesn’t solely concentrate on the main character’s greatness. Finally, the plot is very easy to understand which made Slam Dunk perfect for kids.

Are you still not convinced that sports anime series are worth watching? Here is a list of the Top 10 Best Sports AnimeSeries that can further open your mind about the greatness of this anime genre.

Wednesday 12 December 2012

Best Christmas Gifts for Kids

Christmas is a season of joy, giving, and love.
One of the highlights of Christmas is gift giving. This is true especially in the innocent minds of your kids. They simply believe that nothing can bring them endless joy in this joyful season other than having the most beautiful gift. This leaves parents pressured in fulfilling their kids’ wants. Most parents invest on expensive and new mobile gadgets just to please their precious ones. But then again, this option is only available for a few. Is there a much cheaper way without jeopardizing the happiness and contentment of your kids this Christmas? Read further to know more about the Best Christmas Gifts for Kids.

The secret is to find something that he can bring upon fun and excitement for countless hours. An educational toy is a brilliant idea. Pick on that fits perfectly to your budget yet has all the exciting features that your kid will surely love. A trip to his favorite zoo or park is your next option. Make it a family occasion and go on a picnic. Such event will surely make your kids’ Christmas much memorable. If you work away from home, there’s no better gift for your kids other than being with them on Christmas Eve. Share funny stories and plan activities that can spice up the evening. Remember that Christmas is intended to be the happiest day of the year so make it happen for your kids.

Best Anime Cosplay Costumes For Kids

I takes a lot of dedication and hard work to be a good anime cosplayer. Though you can easily achieve a desired anime look by simply purchasing a Cosplay Costume set, this only works on common anime characters.  You'll have a hard time if you decide to portray less famous anime personalities like Klein from Sword Art Online, Captain Buggy from One Piece, and may more.

Parents who are supportive about their child's passion for anime should help out in selecting what costumes best fit their precious ones. Inexperience regarding this matter is something you should never worry about. There are countless guides available online that can help you find the best anime cosplay costumes for kids. Good luck and have fun in the Cosplay event with the whole family!

Sunday 4 November 2012

Hisuka: A master of Fear and Deceit

Hisuka is one of Hunter X Hunter’s major characters. He is an antagonist with a very twisted mind. Simply looking at his emotionless face can bring fear to a brave man’s heart. Gon was his first victim way back during the Hunter Examination as Gon tried and successfully got his number. Hisuka could easily get it back because of the huge difference in fighting skills and experience but he left the poor boy alone for an obvious reason. His aim was to torture Gon from the feeling of defeat and hopelessness which only shows how cruel he is. As the anime series continues, he joined a secret organization who aims to terrorize the world and eliminate anyone or anything who tries to stop them through pure power. Gon and Kiluwa also met Hisuka inside a Virtual Reality Game as the two of them tries to search for Gon’s long lost father. Whether Hisuka is a true villain or not is out of the question. In fact, many claim that he is one of the best anime characters ever to play the role of an antagonist.

Friday 26 October 2012

Kakashi vs. Sasuke: Has the student surpassed his teacher?

Kakashi vs. Sasuke Fan Art
Whether Uchiha Sasuke already surpassed his master, Hatake Kakashi is out of the question. It’s obviously implied in both the Naruto manga and anime series that Sasuke is a far bigger deal today compared to his former teacher. However, if ever Kakashi vs. Sasuke will eventually happen in the near future, the outcome is still not certain. Though Uchiha Sasuke has a big advantage in terms of chakra and ninjutsu power, Hatake Kakashi boasts a much deeper battle experience. He is an expert in battling against enemies with absurdly powerful enemies as he is a thinker. Hatake Kakashi will surely come up with a plan to use his enemy’s power in gaining battle advantage. But as we all know, Uchiha Sasuke is not a careless ninja. He is the complete opposite of Uzumaki Naruto since his battle style lies on careful planning and observing enemy’s movements to pin point specific weaknesses. Who will emerge victorious if the teacher faces his student? Will Kakashi’s battle experience be enough to put finally subdue Sasuke and lead him back to Konoha?