Friday 19 October 2012

Roronoa Zorro vs. Kenshin Himura: Who will win?

Kenshin Himura and Roronoa Zorro are great swordsmen on their respective anime series. Kenshin is featured in Samurai X where he uses a double-edged sword to protect the weak while not killing anyone. Roronoa Zorro, on the other hand, uses three swords and would not hesitate to eliminate anyone who gets in the way in fulfilling his dream to defeat Hawkeye and become the best swordsman in the Pirate era. What will happen if these two great warriors end up fighting each other? Will Kenshin’s blade of justice be enough to withstand the mighty force of Zorro’s three-sword style? Zorro will win the battle in my opinion. He has the advantage in terms of strength which is clearly illustrated by their body build. Although Kenshin’s style is unique and dangerous, it won’t be too hard for Zorro to block his offense with the use of three swords.  Kenshin’s speed may be a very big problem for Zorro but he can overcome it with his sword techniques that affect a huge area. It’s almost impossible for Kenshin to get away from Zorro’s attack if they come in every direction.  Are your thoughts about Roronoa Zorro vs. Kenshin Himura the same as mine? Here are several pictures of these two great swordsmen to help you assess who will end up victorious in this anime match-up that everybody would want to witness.

Roronoa Zorro Fan Art (Credit to the Artist)

Roronoa Zorro New Word Full Body

Roronoa Zorro promise

Roronoa Zorro badly injured

Roronoa Zorro ready for battle

Roronoa Zorro three-sword style
Roronoa Zorro at the desert

Kenshin Himura wallpaper

Kenshin Himura thinking

Kenshin Himura smiling

Kenshin Himura as battosai

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