Saturday 20 October 2012

Is Sakuragi Hanamichi a weakness or a secret weapon?

Sakuragi Hanamichi is a beginner in the world of basketball yet he has all what it takes to be a legend in this sport. He’s not only tall but very strong and athletic as well. Being a complete beginner is an advantage as what his infamous coach stated since he doesn’t need to worry about getting rid of wrong basketball habits. Whether he is a secret weapon or not is out of the question. Sakuragi Hanamichi can completely change the game atmosphere in an instant with his ferocious dunks and rebounds. The most surprising fact about our basketball hero is that he can learn faster than average players. In fact, it only took him a week to master perimeter shots and I’m pretty certain that it won’t take long until he can freely shoot from anywhere in the court.  Sakuragi Hanamichi is definitely one of the best anime basketball players to date!

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