Saturday 20 October 2012

Sendoh vs Rukawa: The dream anime basketball 1v1

Rukawa drives while Sendoh defends
Akira Sendoh is the ace player of Ryonan, a competitive basketball team in the same district as Shohoku.  Many basketball experts believe that Kaede Rukawa can be closely compared to him since both of them ended up as superstars during their debut in highschool league. The two of them already battled it out during the series and I simply can’t get enough.  Sendoh is highly experienced compared to Rukawa but the rookie genius of Shohoku simply won’t give up without a fight. Shohoku ended up victorious during their second and final meeting in the anime series but will the outcome be the same if the battle was a 1v1. Can Kaede Rukawa solely win over Akira Sendoh? In my opinion, Sendoh will overpower and outplay Rukawa due to his advantage in terms of experience. Do we share the same opinion? Leave a comment bellow and explain why Sendoh or Rukawa will emerge victorious.

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