Monday 15 October 2012

What made Eyeshield 21 a great American Football player?

Eyeshield 21 is the swift quarterback of Devil Bats. His first appearance shocked everybody. He runs like a professional quarterback and has enough speed to challenge the league’s best in the name of Shin from the Ojo White Knights. Behind the knowledge of most high school American Football spectators, Eyeshield 21 is a just a coward boy who was trained to run because we was often bullied. But then again, he has a mountain-sized determination and will never stop at anything to achieve his dream which is to be the national champion. He may not be strong enough solely reach such a ludicrous dream yet his teammates are always there to instill inspiration and keep their hopes high to grab a victory even up against seemingly unbeatable opponents.

Shin, Ojo White Knight Quarterback and Sena,  Eyeshield 21
Eyeshield 21 at the speed of light
Eyeshield 21 without Helmet
Eyeshield 21 with the Devil Bats Highschool American Football Team
Sena Kobayakawa, the small kid behind Eyeshield 21
Eyeshield 21 Fan Art (Credit to Artist)

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