Friday 19 October 2012

Vegeta and Son Goku: Are they rivals or allies?

Vegeta is the prince of Sayans before their planet was turn into bits by Frieza. He survived mainly because he was sent on a mission during the horrific event. He met Son Goku after Raditz, the Sayan defeated by Son Goku and Piccolo, prior his death sent Vegeta a message.  Vegeta is an impulsive and self-righteous Sayan. He will do anything just to be the strongest and his pride as one of the best Sayan warriors was tarnished after being beaten by Son Goku with the help of his friends. Krillin was about the kill Vegeta with a Yajirobe’s sword yet Son Goku pleaded to let him free. Vegeta considered it as an insult so he trained hard to surpass Son Goku and kill him the day their paths meet again. Vegeta’s long awaited moment happened in the Nemic Planet but he was surprised to see how Son Goku’s power level went up so high in a small period of time. There was no way for him to defeat Son Goku at that time so decided to live on Earth with a sole purpose which is discovering Son Goku’s secret. During his stay on Earth, he married Bulma and had a son named Trunks. Vegeta’s mindset was slowly transformed. He now fights not only for himself but also to protect Earth, which he considers home. With Son Goku and Vegeta together with the rest of Z warriors, we are rest assured that no villain can easily conquer and destroy our beloved planet.

Son Goku 4 vs Vegeta Monster Form

Son Goku and Vegeta Fusion

Son Goku Super Sayan 4 and Vegeta Super Sayan 4

Son Goku Super Sayan 2 vs Vegeta with Majinbu Power

Vegeta Super Sayan 4 and Son Goku Super Sayan 4

Son Goku Super Sayan and Vegeta Super Sayan

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