Friday 19 October 2012

Naruto and Sasuke: A perfect example of unending friendship

Friendship is a value often portrayed in every anime series. Probably the best one I’ve seen is the relationship between Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke. They started out as rivals in the ninja academic. Everyone expected Sasuke to be the best since his innate skills were incomparable. On the other hand, Naruto was a clumsy kid and resilient about taking orders. He simply does what he think is right without even considering his own safety or whether the mission is possible or not. Naruto and Sasuke may be completely different yet they are willing to risk their life for each other. Several episodes reveal how Sasuke envies Naruto and vice versa.  They’re friendship bloomed and was close to brotherhood at some point. Presently, Sasuke is on the dark side and is planning to destroy Konoha but Naruto still insists that he can change Sasuke’s mind.  Whether their friendship will be revived or completely lost is a mystery yet one thing is for sure, the two of them portrayed one of the best forms of friendship in the history of anime. 
Naruto and Sasuke death

Naruto and Sasuke after a successful mission
Naruto and Sasuke Chibi (Credit to the Artist)

Naruto and Sasuke surrounded by enemies

Naruto and Sasuke Teen (Credit to the Artist)

Naruto and Sasuke battle

Naruto and Sasuke cute fan art (Credit to the Artist)

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