Friday 19 October 2012

Things we can learn from watching anime

Watching anime is not a waste of time unlike most adults believe since most anime series nowadays come with valuable lessons applicable in our day to day living.  A good example is Monkey D. Luffy, the jolly and courageous captain of the Straw Hat Pirates featured in the anime series entitled One Piece. Many consider him as one of the best anime characters because of his lovable character. He doesn’t have anything to boast other than his loyal and energetic friends yet he aspires to be the next king of pirates. We should all live like Monkey D. Luffy. There’s nothing that can stop us from achieving our dreams in life other than a pessimistic attitude. Kids can learn about friendship, courage, loyalty, and love while watching anime as well. Although violence is present in most anime series, they’re less brutal and realistic compared to other shows aired in the television today so there’s nothing to worry about. To further convince every parent out there in allowing their kids to watch anime, here is a video which shows how great Monkey D. Luffy is:

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