Anime Character of the Day

October 27,2012

Ash Ketchum ready getting read for a Pokemon Battle
To be a Pokemon Master is Ash Ketchum's dream. And he set forth to start his own Pokemon journey at the age of 10. His planned to get a Squirtle but ended up with a disobedient Pikachu who does not even want to go inside his Pokeball. We was an unskilled trainer at first but experience made him a lot better. He also managed to gain new friends along the way in the name of Misty and Brock. Ash managed to capture a multitude of Pokemons who helped him win over one Pokemon Gym Leader after another.  Ash Ketchum successfully entered the Kanto League but wasn't able to become the champion. Despite his defeat, Ash continued his journey and willingly ventured on places he never imagined he'll be going in the continuous pursuit of his dream; to become the best Pokemon Trainer the world has ever known!  

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