Friday 19 October 2012

What most of us don’t know about Piccolo

Piccolo’s father was the first main villain in Dragonball Z. He was the evil side of Kame, the first Nemic who came to earth and became its protector. Piccolo was born right after his father was defeated and killed by Son Goku during the world’s martial arts championship.  Surprisingly, the two of them ended up as friends after battling each other in the next tournament. They even teamed up to defeat Raditz, a long-haired strong Sayan warrior who was sent to find Son Goku. Piccolo taught Son Gohan, Son Goku’s son how to fight and prepared the kid in the upcoming battle against Sayan warriors specifically Napa and Vegeta. Despite his harsh ways, Piccolo loved and cared Son Gohan like his own son. As the anime series progressed, Piccolo’s power slowly turned useless as they started to battle with enemies having crazy power levels that only Super Sayans like Vegeta and Son Goku can fight on par. Nevertheless, Piccolo’s experience in battle and his unique fighting style still makes him a reliable ally particularly at times of great need. Here are a few photos of Piccolo for his millions of fans out there:

Piccolo as a kid

Piccolo creating an energy ball

Piccolo getting ready for battle

Piccolo in battle

Piccolo  fan art (Credit to the Artist)

Piccolo with traditional Nemic outfit

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