Sunday 4 November 2012

Hisuka: A master of Fear and Deceit

Hisuka is one of Hunter X Hunter’s major characters. He is an antagonist with a very twisted mind. Simply looking at his emotionless face can bring fear to a brave man’s heart. Gon was his first victim way back during the Hunter Examination as Gon tried and successfully got his number. Hisuka could easily get it back because of the huge difference in fighting skills and experience but he left the poor boy alone for an obvious reason. His aim was to torture Gon from the feeling of defeat and hopelessness which only shows how cruel he is. As the anime series continues, he joined a secret organization who aims to terrorize the world and eliminate anyone or anything who tries to stop them through pure power. Gon and Kiluwa also met Hisuka inside a Virtual Reality Game as the two of them tries to search for Gon’s long lost father. Whether Hisuka is a true villain or not is out of the question. In fact, many claim that he is one of the best anime characters ever to play the role of an antagonist.

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