Friday 26 October 2012

Kakashi vs. Sasuke: Has the student surpassed his teacher?

Kakashi vs. Sasuke Fan Art
Whether Uchiha Sasuke already surpassed his master, Hatake Kakashi is out of the question. It’s obviously implied in both the Naruto manga and anime series that Sasuke is a far bigger deal today compared to his former teacher. However, if ever Kakashi vs. Sasuke will eventually happen in the near future, the outcome is still not certain. Though Uchiha Sasuke has a big advantage in terms of chakra and ninjutsu power, Hatake Kakashi boasts a much deeper battle experience. He is an expert in battling against enemies with absurdly powerful enemies as he is a thinker. Hatake Kakashi will surely come up with a plan to use his enemy’s power in gaining battle advantage. But as we all know, Uchiha Sasuke is not a careless ninja. He is the complete opposite of Uzumaki Naruto since his battle style lies on careful planning and observing enemy’s movements to pin point specific weaknesses. Who will emerge victorious if the teacher faces his student? Will Kakashi’s battle experience be enough to put finally subdue Sasuke and lead him back to Konoha? 

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