Thursday 13 December 2012

What is the best Sports Anime Series?

Shohoku Team: The Star of Slam Dunk

Interesting anime series are introduced every now and then. They come with different settings, characters, and mood. While others love fantasy anime series which involve ninjas, dragons, and other ancient beasts, a huge group of anime fans still prefer a much realistic subject like sports. Have you ever wondered what the best sports anime is? Why are anime series related to famous sports warmly welcomed by billions of anime fans across the globe? Is there a magic behind this weird phenomenon?

It’s not really surprising why majority anime fans prefer anime series related to sports. These anime shows usually involve a team of protagonist who will start out weak in a certain sport and end up one of the best through hard work and dedication. The values you can get from most sports-related anime series made them worth watching especially among kids who are into any kind of sport in real life. Among hundreds of sports anime series, Slam Dunk, tops all of them in several areas. First, this anime series is very humorous. No anime fan can watch an episode of Slam Dunk without smiling. Second, it focuses on a team’s effort to win a basketball tournament and doesn’t solely concentrate on the main character’s greatness. Finally, the plot is very easy to understand which made Slam Dunk perfect for kids.

Are you still not convinced that sports anime series are worth watching? Here is a list of the Top 10 Best Sports AnimeSeries that can further open your mind about the greatness of this anime genre.

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