Thursday, 11 October 2012

Who or what can kill Son Goku?

Son Goku seems to be undefeatable as portrayed in the anime series entitled Dragonball. Though strong foes from out of our world managed to kill him, he never failed to retaliate and successfully restore peace and prosperity. With his super speed, unparalleled strength, and teeming determination to protect every living thing here on Earth, is there someone or something that can eliminate Son Goku for good?  Possibly the only way to defeat this might hero is through poison or a serious illness. In fact, he was doomed to die due because of a rare heart condition if Bulma failed to invent a time machines which delivered the future Trunks to go dwell in the past and make sure the androids won’t be successful in ruling our world. These pictures illustrate the future if Son Goku failed to survive from his sickness:

Yamcha killed by Android 17

Krillin killed by Android 17
Piccolo killed by Android 18
Yajirobe killed by Android 18

Vegeta killed by Android 17

Android 16 eliminating Tien Shinhan

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