Monday, 8 October 2012

Rukawa vs Sakuragi: Who will win?

Kaede Rukawa is a basketball prodigy. He was the best forward player during his junior high years so many expect a lot from him. On the other hand, Hanamichi Sakuragi is nothing but a punk who would do everything just to find a girlfriend. He can’t even dribble a ball as he challenged the Shohoku Basketball team Captain Akagi on a 1v1 match. Whether Rukawa would win over Sakuragi or the other way around is a very simple question. Kaede Rukawa will surely emerge victorious. They both have almost equal physical features and abilities. Sakuragi lacks experience in playing basketball which will surely lead him to lose the match. But then again, Hanamichi Sakuragi has all the potentials to be a great basketball player even better than Rukawa in the near future. If he just work harder and stay motivated in practicing rigidly each day, he will definitely make his own name in basketball someday.

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