Saturday, 20 October 2012

How to be an excellent Medabot fighter

Medabots is an anime series which features the adventure of a kid who is passionate about training a Medabot and becoming the best. A Medabot is a battle partner which is basically made up of a tin body and a medal. The latter serves as the robots mind and heart. Ikki Tenryou, the main protagonist in Medabot managed to find a rare medal my luck. He then spent all his money to purchase an old yet strong robot body. Ikki’s adventure is a proof that having the most expensive and high-tech Medabot is not a necessity to be the best. In the end, nothing beats dedication and hard work in achieving success whether it’s for a Medabot battle or in achieving any goal in life. Here are a few photos of Ikki and his parter Medabot, Metabee.

Ikki and Metabee in Battle Position
Ikki and Metabbe Winning

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